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Clodagh Molloy lives in Dublin, Ireland and completed both her Bachelor of Design and Masters studies at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. Her works main focus on wearable narrative sculpture that examines and initiates a dialogue around the subject of mental ill health. Clodagh collects personal accounts and translates them into a body adornment. Bringing a physical item into being about a person’s individual account of their struggle.

Artistist Statement


In my jewellery art and design practice I have, an ongoing project titled “Shared Stories”. In it, I am creating a body of work that examines and initiates a dialogue around the subject of mental ill health. Addressing the stigmas and highlighting the strength, needed to come through or live with a mental illness. My intentions are to help remove the tags and labels given to sufferers.


I am continuously collecting stories and conversations resulting in a continuing evolution of my design practice. The shared story, their fight. My goal is to give examples to others, showing that they are not alone and that they can come through tough times. This is important.


The body adornments made from these inspirational narratives have so far addressed the intergenerational shunning of emotions, denial of symptoms and how it led into emotional ill health. Key childhood memories and situations that made profound effects on a whole life journey and the effects to their mental health. Also finally, the weight and emotional strain of an IVF journey. Where possible I embed the words of the journey directly into the jewellery.

Clodagh Molloy artist portrait.jpg
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