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A Little Nonsense Now & Then is Relished by the Wisest Men Exhibition

15 leading Irish Goldsmiths Design to Roald Dahl Theme


The first collaboration by 15 Irish goldsmiths to create a piece of jewellery inspired by Roald Dahl is taking place in the Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin.  The Irish Goldsmiths joined forces to produce a unique jewellery exhibition based on A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men quote from Roald Dahl.  Each designer has produced a range of jewellery pieces on the theme which showcases the talents of some of Ireland’s leading contemporary jewellery makers.  Entry to the exhibition is free of charge and it runs from Sunday 22nd-Sunday 29th April; 10am to 6pm each day including Sundays.  In addition, there are a number of workshops open to the public where they can work with one of the exhibiting goldsmiths to learn more and create their own unique piece of jewellery. The exhibition is supported by the Crafts Council of Ireland.


According to Clodagh Molloy, goldsmith who organised the exhibition, this the first time an independent initiative of this nature has been undertaken in Ireland that brings together  contemporary jewellery makers  designing pieces to a single concept or theme. She was inspired to organise it having seen similar exhibitions in other countries.


“We are offering the public an opportunity to see a glittering array of quirkiness and splendour demonstrated through using precious metals as an art form.  The exhibition explores the wider idea of what jewellery is and the part it plays in our lives. As well as being a beautiful and cherished adornment, jewellery can also be thought-provoking, engaging and great fun. We thought Roald Dahl’s quote was a quirky fun theme to work to,” Ms Molloy says.


The 15 goldsmiths participating are; Tammy Bradley, Janice Byrne, Emma Jane Champley, Sinead Cooke, Eva Dorney, Friederike Grace, Breda Haugh, Christina Keogh, Jason MacGabgann, Erika Marks, Clodagh Molloy, Simon Phelan, Mirjam Schiller, Arianne Tobin and Marie-Therese Walker.  They use a range of materials to express their view on the theme including gold, silver, recycled plastic and enamel as well as gemstones such as raw morganite, raw diamond, citrine and garnet. A number of the goldsmiths’ work in recycled materials to highlight the current awareness in society on our environmental footprint.


A wild variety of ideas based on the theme are brought to life. For example; Flying Machines meet Wearable Art in Mirjam Schiller's imaginative creations. The opulence of ancient Greece and Rome is revisited in gold, silver, pearl and gemstones by Christina Keogh. Whilst, inner truth and spirituality are reflected in the rose-cut tourmaline jewellery by Friederike Grace. Sinead Cooke’s Brings new life to old milk bottles through an unrecognisable transformation. The Curious Play pieces of Emma Jane Champley invite the wearer to experience a visceral reaction through use of unusual and sometimes surprising materials.  Tammy Bradley takes her bubble-gum inspiration directly from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. Clodagh Molloy takes a darker more sombre tone through her pieces addressing mental health using patina copper with enamelled images. Marie-Therese Walker presents elegant jewellery games with her Wear Me, See Me, Play Me pieces.


There are numerous workshops and lectures running throughout the exhibition.  For information and times please visit Facebook page Tickets for the workshops are also available on Eventbrite A little nonsense workshops.


Sponsors include:  Company of Goldsmiths Ireland; Diamor; Colbar; P.J. Dix & Co.; Chupi and Sheridans Cheesemongers. 

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